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Current Strains

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Maine Medical Cannabis

Below is a list of our outdoor cannabis strains available for purchase as dried flower.

Please contact us for the most up-to-date prices and availability.


Jelly Rancher

aka Hella Jelly

This sativa-heavy hybrid strain boasts berry flavors with a subtle citrusy aftertaste. Relieves anxiety, depression, and stress.


Humboldt Dream

A relaxing indica that helps relieve stress, insomnia, and pain.


Garlic Budder

aka Garlic Butter

This indica-dominant hybrid strain features a nutty flavor. Relieves symptoms of depression, anxiety, and headaches.


Alien OG

aka Alien OG Kush

This hybrid strain has the typical OG aromas of lemon and pine. Eases stress, anxiety, and pain.


Jack Flash

Another sativa-heavy hybrid, this is a 3-way cross between Jack Herer (Lauren's fave), Haze, and Super Skunk. The energizing effects are better suited for daytime use to relieve pain, stress, and depression.


Humboldt Sour Diesel

A hybrid strain with the classic diesel flavor and euphoric effect. This is a great choice for those seeking a creative buzz.


Blue Widow

This hybrid cross between Blueberry and White Widow is a farm fave! The colorful buds have a strong, sweet aroma and pack a heady high.


Blueberry Afghani

aka Blue Afghani

This indica strain offers a spicy berry flavor and helps with stress, depression, and anxiety.

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